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No.  Fieldpiece developed wireless tools several years before developing the Job Link Mobile App.  Earlier generation wireless tools communicate with each other, but do not communicate with Job Link.  The tools that DO NOT communicate with Job Link are the HG3 System Analyzer, SC57 Clamp Meter, LT17AW Bench Meter, SRS2C Refrigerant Scale, EH4W Electronic Handle, and ET2W Transmitter.

Tools that DO WORK with Job Link are all 4-port manifolds (SMAN4, SMAN440, SMAN460), SDP2 Dual In-duct Psychrometer, SC460 Clamp Meter, and SC660 Clamp Meter, via the JL2 Long Distance Transmitter.

Now, the new Job Link System Probes communicate directly to the Job Link System app without the need for the transmitter.  Wireless distance is 350' with the Job Link Probes.

If you have established a previous connection with one SC660 or SC460 to a single JL2, in order to connect a different SC660 or SC460 to the same JL2 you must clear the JL2’s saved wireless connection.

With JL2 powered on, press and hold the SYNC button for 5 seconds until the flashing green light flashes blue once. Your saved wireless connections have been cleared and you are now able to connect a different SC660 or SC460 to your JL2.

Note:  Any previous connected SMANs or SDP2 will need to be re-connected to the JL2.

No. You may only connect one wireless clamp meter to the JL2 at a time.

The new wireless clamp meters can connect to the JL2 in almost every selector switch position. Refer to the SC660 o SC460 operator’s manual for specific instructions.

In summary, The SC660 and SC460 will not connect with the JL2 if the selector dial is set to the following selector positions:

RECV, NCV, L1L2 L1L3, and OFF.

You may connect the SC660 or SC460 to the JL2 on any other switch position.

When new wireless tools are introduced, the JL2 will need to update its firmware. To do so go to:

Download and JL2 Firmware updater to your Windows PC. Download the installation instructions here:

Follow-up the installation instructions to update the firmware on your JL2. Then connect wireless clamp meter when complete. To confirm the JL2 firmware was updated successfully, the last line of the status window must say “Restart…OK”

This may be due to a few reasons:

  1. Make sure you correctly type in your username or email address and password associated to your Job Link account. All are case-sensitive.
  2. You may be experiencing network connections issues. Be sure you have a strong cell or Wi-Fi connection.

We understand that sometimes we forget important information. If you forget your password, you will need to reset it. Follow these steps to reset your password:

  1. Open Job Link app
  2. Tap Sign In
  3. Tap Reset Password
  4. Type in the email address associated with your Job Link account.
  5. Tap Submit. A temporary password will be sent to your email address associated with Job Link. Use this temporary password to log into Job Link.

When new Fieldpiece wireless products are introduced it may be necessary to update the firmware on the JL2 for compatibility. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the current firmware version installed on the JL2.

You best option would be to go to and check the JL2 firmware release notes.

The JL2 is designed to automatically re-connect with the last connected Fieldpiece wireless tools. On the rare occasion when auto re-connect and manual sync do not work, there is the solution.

With JL2 powered on, press and hold the SYNC button for 5 seconds until the flashing green light flashes blue once. This will reset the wireless channels. Proceed to sync your Fieldpiece wireless tools with the JL2 as usual.

Despite being wireless tools, the SC57, SRS2C, ET2W, EH4W and LT17AW are older generation wireless tools and are unable to connect with the JL2 long range transmitter for Job Link.

Yes. The JL2 long range transmitter for Job Link is needed for the SMAN4, SMAN440, SMAN460, SDP2, SC460, and SC660, which were developed prior to 2017. The JL2 enables you to have increased wireless range via radio frequency (RF) with your Fieldpiece wireless tools.

No.  The new Job Link Probes communicate directly with the Job Link System app via long range (350') Bluetooth technology, and do not need the JL2.

Fieldpiece SMAN460, SMAN440, SMAN4 wireless digital manifolds (via JL2 Long Range Transmitter)

Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-duct psychrometer (via JL2 Long Range Transmitter)

Fieldpiece SC660 and SC460 wireless clamp meters (via JL2 Long Range Transmitter)

Fieldpiece Job Link System Probes

Job Link is available for iOS and Android.

Android™ (KitKat 4.4) or later, iPhone® 4S or later, iPad Mini®, iPad® 3rd generation or later, iPod Touch® 5th generation or later (iOS® 7.1 or later)

The JL2 long range transmitter is not your traditional Bluetooth device, but rather Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). As a result, the JL2 does not “pair” to your mobile device. In fact, there is no pairing process needed to use the JL2 with Job Link on your mobile device. Simply turn on the JL2 and open Job Link on your mobile device. Select and Job then a System. Tap on Live Measurements. JL2 Connected screen will follow and status will change to Connected when JL2 is connected.

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