Job Link™ Mobile System App Helps Customers Streamline Their HVACR Business

Posted: February 17, 2016 | Press

Job Link™ users easily take advantage of integrations with popular Fieldpiece tools to work smarter and save time. Job Link is compatible with the new Fieldpiece wireless clamp meters SC460 and SC660. So technicians now have the ability to include HVACR electrical measurements in the Job Link™ reports, as well as include the calculated energy efficiency rating (EER) of the system they are working on. 

“With this release HVACR professionals can see that a Job Link™ subscription provides more than just a mobile app to help service a unit,” said Russ Harju, Product Marketing Manager of Fieldpiece Instruments. “The new Job Link™ mobile system puts HVACR testing and solutions at our users’ fingertips in an easy manner so they can quickly diagnose a system, and then easily show their customer the math and science behind their recommendations.”

Harju added, “We’ve heard from many HVACR professionals that the Job Link™ Mobile System helps them close business because when the customers see in the report how the system is running, they can understand why work needs to be done to have the system running properly.”

The new Job Link™ mobile system allows for three subscription levels – all at competitive price points.

Job Link™ Free

Diagnose the system correctly quickly and easily the first time to prevent call backs.

Be in two places at once. See the indoor unit and outdoor unit measurements at the same time on your mobile device. Monitor the superheat from the outdoor unit while setting the expansion valve at the indoor unit.
Advanced calculations for system capacity (BTUs), power (kW) and system efficiency (EER and SEER).
Trusted system diagnostics to get it right the first time and prevent call backs.
Email the system measurements for record keeping
Download is free with no monthly charge

Job Link™ Pro

Increases professionalism and credibility customers to get the green light to do a job. Get all the great benefits of Job Link™ Free, plus…

Email and print professional Job Link™ System Reports with credible measurements, system diagnostics and details, inspection checklists, pictures, notes and more!
Make field techs’ job easier by live troubleshooting tricky system problems with Live Look-in. (coming soon)
Access all system test reports, job and customer information for you and your field techs on the go on your mobile device.
Identify areas of training needed for less experienced technicians
Cloud storage for all customer data and reports
Cost is $12 per month per user or $120 per year per user ($10/month)

Job Link™ Pro with Invoicing

Run even more business through Job Link™. Easily create and email professionally designed invoices to send to customers. Get all the great benefits of Job Link™ Pro, plus…

Job invoicing directly through Job Link™ Mobile System
Easy QuickBooks integration via QuickBooks mobile, or .csv download (coming soon)
Invoicing includes custom parts lists
Job Link™ calculates tax, parts, and labor totals automatically
Unique invoice numbers are generated for each new invoice
Prevent confusion to what work was approved. Customers sign approval for work to be done in Job Link and is saved to the invoice
Cost is an additional $17 per month over the Pro cost per user bringing the total to $29 per month per user or $300 per year per user ($25/month) 

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Job Link™

Download a free version of Job Link™ and see what it's like to have a right-hand man everywhere you go.

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